Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I mean seriously what the HELL!

Anyone who knows me, knows that sports is definitely a part of our life (thanks Katie). Okay I pretty much live and die by it. Most who know me are aware that I am a huge Utah fan. I was born and raised that way, and it has stuck with me. I do like to think of myself as an educated Ute fan. I am not homer. If BYU is better, etc... I am not afraid to say it. On that note my morning starts with a little routine of Internet sites. I go to the same sites, in the same order pretty much every day. One of those sites is the Tribune. A nice thing about the digital age is peoples ability to post comments instantly. In the past couple of weeks I have come across two comments that have really made me think, did you really think that and then post it. They just so both happen to be about the Utah/BYU ongoing football debates. Here they are:

1. " Come on Ute Fans, be positive! It's like your setting yourself (AND YOUR TEAM) up for a loss! Get on the stick, be proud, and have some confidence! David slew Goliath, TCU beat BYU, Boise State beat Oklahoma why can't Utah beat Alabama? Be Proud!"

Did this man actually just compare TCU beating BYU to Boise State beating Oklahoma. Even worse did this moron just compare TCU beating BYU to David defeating Goliath. Enough said, I can't comment on this anymore.

2. "Well, as we say in the church, many are called but few are chosen. So the missionaries (football recruits who plan to go on a mission) who know what they are doing and make the RIGHT decision choose to play for BYU. "

This comment has to do with football recruiting. I could break this down in so many ways. Comments like these are what piss the opposite fans of each team off (yea Utah has some numb nut fans too). Last time I checked 10% is 10% regardless of which team you cheer for. Furthermore, serving a mission (honorably) has nothing to do with which school you are going to play football at. Please just read your comments before you hit submit.

Its Tyler and Dylans fault

I always thought of the world of blogging should be dominated by women. Tyler and Dylans blogs have convinced me otherwise. I always caught myself looking at others blogs but didnt laugh or enjoy them until Tyler and Dylan joined the vast unknown of blogging.

I am opinionated and not afraid to state those opionions. I am dedicating this spot to my opinions and thoughts of others opinions, comments, and actions. Enjoy!!!